Nosominer F.A.Q.

Is nosominer open source?
Yes, as all our contributions.
Where can I download it?
You can download it directly from here.
Do i need install it?
No. Just download nosominer.exe and run it.
Does nosominer.exe need to be placed in the same folder than noso.exe?
No. You can even place nosominer in another computer.
What do I need to mine?

You need a valid Noso address to mine

Your coins will be send to this address.

You also need a pool information to mine with.

Nosominer is designed to mine with a pool.

How do I get a valid noso address to mine?

Download the wallet from here.

Run it and it will automatically create a wallet containing one address (you can create more if you want with the + button)

Where can I find pool information?
Here and in our discord channel.
How do I configure the miner?
  1. Paste your noso address.
  2. Select your pool.
  3. Start mining.
What do all these numbers mean?
Mouse over each control to see a description.
I can see my pool balance, but I have nothing in my wallet...
Depending on your pool configuration, you will need to wait a number of blocks to request a payment. When this interval is over, the miner will automatically request the payment to your address.
Can I use the same Noso address in multiple miners?

Not in the same pool.

If you want mine with different miners in the same pool, you should use one different address in each one.

How can I want donate/contribute something to the project?
You can find more information Here