Noso Pool Documentation

Creating a pool

To create a pool, use this console command:

createpool {name} {port} {password}


Name of the Pool.

It is usefull to identificate the payments.

Between 3 and 15 characters length.


The port the users will use to connect to the pool.

Must be different to the node listening port.

The port must be available to receive incoming connections.



Length range: 1-10.

Case sensitive.


createpool MyPool 8082 MyPass

This example will create a pool named MyPool, listening on port 8082 and with password MyPass.

Inmediately after the pool creation, the default wallet will join the pool as first member (so the pool owner will always mine for his pool).

We now recommend restart the wallet to ensure all pool functions are loaded properly (this requirement will be removed in the future)

Now, the admin panel can be found in View->Pool